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Biological Plastination Specimen for Medical Education

Author:Meiwo Time:2022-07-21

Anatomical specimens for medical education include specimens of formalin, section specimens, embedded specimens, casting specimens and plastination specimens etc. Now plastination technology plays an important role in anatomy teaching.

Biological plastination specimen is the most advanced biological specimen preservation technology in the world at present. The liquid polymer compound "Silicone" and Silicone rubber are used to enter biological tissues through vacuum penetration and then harden them, so as to achieve the purpose of specimen preservation. Using the technology of biological specimen, with non-toxic, tasteless, easy to save, the advantages of easy to clean, can be widely used in anatomy, pathology, forensic medicine, biological field of scientific research, teaching, and the popular science exhibition, also can be used as art, sports and other colleges and universities teaching with specimens, is the best choice to replace traditional specimen preservation method.

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